Arizona law prohibits the use of weapons in certain situations and scenarios. Individuals that are in the possession of a weapon while they are committing another felony may be charged with an additional offense.

Arizona law provides prosecutors with the ability to increase the type of punishment an individual may receive if there is a weapon present while the crime is being committed. The presence of a weapon is not limited to a gun. It may also include any other type of deadly weapon, including a knife, metal pipe or baseball bat.

A person charged with a weapons violation may face several severe punishments resulting in imprisonment, probation, fines and community service.

An individual that is charged with a weapons offense in Arizona should contact The Newsome Firm right away to discuss their possible options with their case. This type of offense can have an ever lasting effect on a individual's life. Due to the seriousness of this type of offense, it is highly recommended that a person hire an attorney that will fight on their behalf.

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