An individual that is charged with assault or aggravated assault could possibly be facing very serious consequences. Depending on the circumstances, a person charged with aggravated assault may be punished by a term of imprisonment even if it is their first offense.

Some circumstances that may increase a person's punishment or enhance a charge to aggravated assault include the following:

  • Use of a dangerous instrument that may cause serious injury to the victim, including a knife, bat, stick, metal pipe, glass bottle, vehicle or other instrument;
  • Use of a deadly weapon, including a gun or rifle;
  • Causing serious bodily injury to the victim, including broken bones or other serious injury.

An individual that is charged with a assault should contact The Newsome Firm right away to evaluate their possible options. An assault conviction can have an ever lasting effect on a individual's life, including a felony record and a possible prison sentence. Due to the seriousness of this type of offense, it is highly recommended that a person hire a criminal defense attorney that will fight on their behalf.

The Newsome Firm will fight hard to present your case and any legal issues involved. Some of the legal issues may include lack of evidence, self-defense, defense of a third person or an inadequate police investigation. The effect of successful legal arguments can result in a possible dismissal of the charges or a reduction of the charges. Contact The Newsome Firm right away to discuss your case.

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