Lafayette Newsome

Lafayette is extremely dedicated to providing high quality legal representation to his clients at an affordable rate. Lafayette takes pride in aggressively challenging prosecutors to prove their case in a manner that will not violate his client's constitutional rights. This representation ensures every client fully understands their civil rights, the legal process, and the different arguments Lafayette will make on their behalf.

In 2006, Lafayette relocated to the metro Phoenix area with the goal of earning his college degree from Arizona State University. As a student at ASU, Lafayette often encouraged his classmates and professors to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. Upon earning his Bachelor of Arts degree, Lafayette enrolled at Phoenix School of Law to fulfill his goal of becoming a criminal defense lawyer.

During law school, Lafayette again sought to be a voice for individuals that often have their civil rights violated by the government. While receiving his legal education, Lafayette extended his legal experience by interning and working directly with several Maricopa County Superior Court Judges. In addition, Lafayette spent over 150 hours viewing criminal proceedings, including felony trials, in the criminal division of Maricopa County Superior Court. This type of experience and knowledge allowed Lafayette to transition smoothly into becoming one of the most dedicated criminal defense attorneys in Arizona.

Lafayette has experience representing individuals charged with DUI offenses and felonies. Lafayette's representation has resulted in client's receiving a reduction of the charges or a dismissal of the case.


We Care

Lafayette fully understand the difficult situation that is created when a person is facing a criminal offense. The Newsome Firm is dedicated to providing stability and compassion for every client's unique matter.

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